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Viewing an Offer

Why are the prices different for certain dates?

Hosts are welcome to change the prices for different dates. There can be a number of reasons for this, including these days being within a peak booking time. Hosts can set special daily, weekly and monthly rates. Some hosts also choose to have extra charges, such as fees for extra guests or a cleaning fee.
What types of property are available to book?
Our wide range of accommodation includes rooms, apartments, holiday homes and boats. Search our offers: you'll be suprised what you might find!

What details about the location of a property are visible?

Only the approximate location of a property, which includes the street name as well as a map of the surroundings, is available to be viewed by potential guests. The exact location remains hidden to protect the privacy of the host. The guest receives the full information only after their booking has been accepted.

Why do some properties have few or no reviews?

Some properties may be new on BookingLettings LLC or previous guests may not yet have left a review. 

Are guests allowed to bring pets with them to their accommodation?

This is different for each individual accommodation and can be viewed in the ‘Amenities’ tab. If you have a question about a particular offer, you can ask the host directly by sending them a message on our messaging service. Just click the ‘Contact me’ button beside the host’s picture on the listing you’d like to inquire about.

How can I contact the host?

Please use our messaging system to contact hosts. Simply click on the 'Send Message' button under the photo of the host on the listing page. Note, however, that no contact information may be exchanged. Messages that contain contact information will be automatically deleted.

How many people are allowed to stay in a particular property?

This is different for each individual property. You will find the maximum number of guests in the details list on the offer pages.

How Do I Make a Booking?

Can I find out if a property is available on a particular date before I attempt to book it?

Yes. You can view whether a property is available by selecting the 'Availability' tab on an offer page.

What do I do if I have questions I'd like answered before I make a booking?

If you have questions for the host, you are welcome to use the messaging system to contact them. 

When will I receive the host's complete contact details and the address of the property?

Once your booking request has been accepted, the booking amount is reserved in your account. Once this process is completed you will receive the full contact details and address of your host.

When will my credit card, bank account etc. be charged for my booking?

Once you submit your request, the booking amount will be blocked on the payment method you have chosen. The amount is only lifted after the host has accepted your request. Please note that when using other payment methods, such as immediate transfer and Ideal, you will be charged immediately after sending the booking request.

Can I change my mind after making a booking?

Should you wish to cancel a booking request or an already confirmed booking, please contact our Customer Serviceemail to our customer support team .

What should I do if a host doesn't respond to a booking request?

If a host does not respond to a booking request within 24 hours, the booking will automatically be cancelled and we will contact you to arrange an alternative.

How does the key handover work?

The host and guest should discuss all details of the key handover before the guest arrives at the property.