How It Works Owner

BookingLettings LLC allows you to book or provide short term accommodations in 3 simple steps

As a Host (entrepreneurs, homeowners & property managers jetsetters) here is how it works:

  1. 1. After listing your property, potential Guests will send you inquiries and booking requests.
  2. 2. Respond and Accept the booking requests based on your availability!
  3. 3. Get your Payment 24 hours after Guest Check In.
  4. 4. BookingLettings LLC 10% charge booking commission from confirmed bookings


List Your Property

Add you place to BookingLettings LLC in just few minutes. Some great pictures, a nice description, your address, a competitive price and it’s done.

Accept Bookings

You’ll receive booking requests as emails or text messages, which you need to reply to within 48 hours. If you accept bookings quickly, have good reviews and keep your calendar up to date, ask us about becoming an instant booking host; so guests can book with you immediately.

Get Ready

Before your guest arrives, make sure your place is clean and tidy and you’ve provided your guest with clean towels and bedding. Remember too, little welcome treats can go a long way!

Don’t Worry

Every guest is different. Some guests just want privacy, while others want to get some inside tips from local. For your peace of you’ll receive support from our international customer service team.

Receive Payments

We transfer payment to you 24 hours after your guest arrives. We take care of all payment online, so you dont need to worry about anything.