Become a host

Make money with your unused property or a spare room in your own home

Why Should I become a host?

Become an Entrepreneur

Vacation rental market has turned into a trend these days by offering a low-budget and low-cost options to pricey hotels and resorts.

Meet new People

With travellers coming from all over the world, as guests, you can meet and greet them, make friends / connections and share your happiness.

Experience New Cultures

You can also share your cultural diversities across with your guests, show them around, and get to know a different and diversified world and various ethnicities.

Zero Investments

If you have a property, where you can accomodate guests, why not get a chance to earn some extra money with zero investment?

How do I become a host?

List out your property with us at and we'll take care of the rest. It's a simple 4 step process.

Send Request

Send us a Request to became a host, the process is actually simple just fill in the from, we will validate your request and send you a confirmation Mail with your access credentials to BookingLettings host dashboard.

List Your Property

It's easy to create a listing on BookingLettings, at free of cost. Describe your property, the location you're situated at, how many guests you can accommodate, how much you charge basedon seasons and add photos of the house and around, and other details.

Accept Bookings

Once you're registered with us as host, you'll receive booking requests via E-mail, to which, you are needed to Accept Booking within 24 hours of time. Once a reservation is accepted, login into your BookingLettings dashboard to know about your guests.

Get Paid

Our secure payment system ensures you that you never have to deal with money directly. Guests are charged before their departure, and you are paid automatically after check out, without a service fee. Payments to the hosts are done via PayPal, direct deposit, or international money wire, among other ways.

For any further assistance, please look up at the Help Center section of Owners listings.

How it works?

Send Request

It's very simple!! Just fill up the form we provide, give us the details required and submit the form. Easy!

List your Property

As soon as we accept your request, you need to fill-in the information about the properties, such as photos, detailed address, pricing and other details.

Validate Property

we at Booking Lettings LLC will verify all the details submitted by you, to make sure that all the information is filled in properly.

Publish Property

Once your properties are validated, we'll make them available on the website for our guests to reserve for their vacation.


After your properties are published, guests around the world can start reserving for your property, based on their timeline of travel.

Notification via Email

The minute your property has been chosen for a booking, we'll notify you via your verified email address, to accept or reject the request based on your comfort.

Accept Request

Once you receive a Booking Request', you need to accept the request within 24hours of time to confirm the reservation.

Get Guest Info

Are you ready to welcome your guests? Know about your guests beforehand through your dashboard, where you can see the guests' information.

Receive Payments

Once your guests checkout of the property, you'll be paid the amount directly to your account via the chosen transfer mode.

Frequently asked questions

I am new to being a vacation rental host, what should I do?+

Once you sign up with us and added all your properties, Booking Lettings will display it on the website. Whenever a guest books your property, we'll send you the reservation request via email. You need to accept the request within 24hours. Then the booking will be confirmed.

On the day of your guests' arrival, you need to keep the rooms clean and tidy, ready with bath towels, toiletries, and beds made ready with fresh bed sheets. Greet your guests with a warm smile, and show them around, and make them comfortable.

I've received a booking request. How do I proceed?+

When a guest makes a booking request for your property, you will receive an email advising you on how to accept or reject it. Alternatively, you can accept or reject bookings in the 'My Bookings' section of your account.

How will my property be listed on the website?+

Your property will be verified first, in order to maintain high quality of listings on our site, Booking Lettings LLC. Uploading of good quality photos, and complete information about your property will help us speed up the review process even further.

Once your property is displayed on our website, we also keep in mind about host information confidentiality. Only the street name and a map of the surrounding area of your apartment / property will be shown. A guest will receive your address once we have reserved the total fee on their chosen method of payment.

About my calendar dates+

It is extremely important for a host to keep track of the calendar dates made available on Booking Lettings LLC. In case you change your availability dates on your calendar BookingLettings LLC, kindly sync your calendar with other portals automatically you had chosen. This in return will make sure that your ratings and reviews as a host are not affected.

Also, you're given full control on the calendar date availability, thus, if you need to block your own dates, kindly go to the Avialbilities Calendar section of Property edit page. There you can mark the dates as unavailable.

What kind of photos of my property should I upload?+

Your photos should clearly show the rooms in your accommodation that your guests would have access to, such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, external, etc. The better your photos are, the more interested potential guests will be in booking your property. That's why we recommend you to upload at least 800x600 pixels photos of your property.

What should I keep in mind when creating my listing?+

You should present your accommodation in an interesting and informative manner. You will need to upload photos, create a suitable title and enter a description of your property. You should also make sure you accurately include details such as price, location, amenities, property type, minimum stay, maximum number of guests etc. Contact details (email, phone, street address etc.) are not permitted in the title, description or house rules.

How do I get reviews?+

Once a guest has stayed at your property, we send them an email encouraging them to leave a review at their own discretion. Only guests who have stayed in your property through BookingLettings LLC can add reviews. This will help your property to be rated and displayed as featured.

If you wish to display your property to be featured higher in the search results, contact us for further information.

What is an 'on request' host?+

Some listings require you to send the host a message before you can make a booking request. Once the host has confirmed their availability, you can then proceed to book their listing.

Will I be charged a fee for using BookingLettings LLC?+

Yes, BookingLettings LLC charges hosts a processing fee approximately %5-10 of the price set to receive for the property. BookingLettings LLC will keep the processing fee. Furthermore, tax on your listing is also not processed through BookingLettings LLC. You will need to discuss this with your landlord and/or local tax office for further details.

Due to this processing fee being added in order to simplify the price calculation for guests, the prices may appear varied than the amount you've set. Also you will be charged with additional costs added to the basic rental price. However this will not affect the amount that you have set to receive for your property. You can find more information about our charge structure in our General Terms and Conditions.

Can I charge a deposit?+

Deposits may be charged, but are currently not processed through BookingLettings LLC. You will have to mention it in your description and collect it from your guest upon their checking in. Deposits are a private matter between hosts and their guests.

Can I charge a cleaning fee?+

Yes. You can enter a cleaning fee in the 'Pricing and Terms' option once you have selected 'Modify Offer' from the My Offers section of your account.

Can I charge different prices for different days or seasons?+

Yes. You can modify the price for individual nights in the calendar section of your listing. You can access this by going to the 'My Offers' section of your account, and selecting 'View Offer Calendar'. To change a nightly price, please select a date and enter your desired new price.

My guest requested to receive an invoice for their total booking amount. How do I do this?+

When the guest requests an invoice we arrange their invoices 48 hours after check in and send. So you don't worry about their invoice request. If you have further questions, please contact our customer support team.

What if a guest cancels their booking?+

We have different cancellation policies available for you to select, and each one has different implications for your guest. You can find more information about these on our Cancellation Policies page.

What should I do if I am not happy with the behaviour of my guest?+

If you are not satisfied with the way your guest is behaving in your property and you have not successfully resolved it with them, please contact our customer support team and we will investigate the situation.

What should I do if I have a problem when my guest arrives and cannot resolve it in person?+

In order to aim for a quick solution, please contact our customer support team and we will try to resolve your problem with you.

If I sign-in with my Facebook account, will it be visible on my profile?+

Your Facebook account is only used to bypass our regular registration tool. Your name and Facebook photo will appear in your BookingLettings LLC profile, but no other Facebook information will be included. You will have to complete the rest of your BookingLettings LLC profile manually.

What if I forget my password?+

If you forget your password, you can always request a new one.

Should I upload a photo of myself?+

This is not obligatory, but we, as BookingLettings LLC, think that uploading photo of yourselves help your guests to trust you a bit more. So we highly recommend you to upload your photo on your profiles.

How can I delete my account?+

Currently, this can only be done through our customer service team . If you would like to delete your account, they will be happy to help you.